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Hey, I'm Meg!

A body empowerment photographer based in Northern Wisconsin and I'm about to be your favorite cheerleader! Like so many women, I've struggled with some pesky insecurities. My body has been blessed with cellulite & stretch marks since I was a teen and no normal amount of exercise will change that. For the longest time I altered my image using editing apps, until one day I realized how harmful this was to my self-perception. So I have these "flaws" - who actually cares about any of that? I also have a creative brain, an empathetic heart and bold ambitions. I'm not on this Earth to be a flawless human and neither are you! You are here to be your most wildly authentic self. So go ahead and tell that inner hater to step outta your way because YOU have got some magic to make.

While gracefully learning how to make peace with my body, I've chosen not to be defined by its appearance and with that, arose the deepest desire to create a photo experience that will forever change the way you value yourself. You are capable of embodying your truest expression and my mission is to bring that power to the surface. When I began photographing intimate portraits in 2012 I was immediately drawn to the vulnerable and fearless nature it brought out in the women I met. Over the years, I've realized that it's not always confidence that brings women in front of my camera, but rather, a deep desire to be seen. From start to finish, my goal is to bring every ounce of self-loving-magic you hold within yourself out into the open. It's in there, I promise. Let me show you.


"The best gift you are ever going to give someone is the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy... to feel like they are enough."


Hannah Brencher


You deserve powerfully vulnerable photos of yourself to serve as a loving reminder that you let yourself be seen. An intimate portrait session is for any woman who longs to remember who she is, at any stage in her life.



All intimate sessions take place at my home studio, nestled in the woods overlooking a secluded river in Springbrook, Wisconsin. Your session is officially reserved on the studio calendar once your first payment is on file.


You'll receive digital guides that cover everything from wardrobe & style to makeup & skincare.  We also send you a Dig Deep questionnaire to help us customize your session and make it authentic to you.

Hair & Makeup

Our goal is to make your skin looks its best and highlight your natural features, which is where professional makeup benefits the most. You can expect a pro application to last up to 90 minutes, depending on how dramatic and daring you choose to go.


Our studio closet is always evolving & one of our favorite features. We have sizes ranging from xs-6x, with a variety of colors & textures to choose from, but we also encourage every client to bring in at least 1 outfit on her own to collaborate with.

Being photographed

Every woman who walks through the studio door feels nervous in the beginning - it's the nakey jitters and they're 1000% normal. Once you step in front of the camera, though, all of our creative energy is on you, darlin'.  We take care of everything from adjusting and styling your wardrobe to posing you right down to your breath. You don't have to worry about being a 'natural' in front of the camera and you definitely won't hear any, "Okay, now be sexy" bullshit from me! Nope, I know how important it is to have professional posing guidance and will demonstrate foundational poses for you, beforehand, making adjustments when necessary. Ultimately, I want you to feel free in your body.


Muse Sessions

Our Muse Sessions offer an opportunity to explore your relationship with your body and gain a deeper understanding of its impact on your current reality. Through embodied movement & play, I'll show you how to step into your truest expression and gradually remind you who the fuck you are...


a woman rich with sovereignty & grace for herself.

This is a slow practice of unlearning so that you may set yourself free. Don't expect a "quick fix" approach because I don't subscribe to the idea that you are flawed. In my presence, you are exquisitely human and my gift is to remind you of that.

What is included:

Muse Sessions include a personalized hair & makeup application, access to the studio closet, collaborative session planning, prep guides, resources & questionnaires, emotive pose coaching, natural retouching and an online digital gallery.

Muse Collections range from $1111 - $2222

You can Pay In Full or split into 2 payments.


Want to stay connected?

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Thank you!

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Commonly Asked


What is your privacy policy?

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of our business. Every woman you see on our website & socials has signed a model release granting us permission to showcase her images. We invite everyone to sign a model release, but of course you have the right to decline. All images are kept on file until the end of your ordering session and anything that goes unpurchased is purged from our system.


Do I have to bare it all?

Like every women we work with, each session is unique and designed around your comfort. Whether your version of empowerment is a fitted black dress or baring it all in a fine art form, we'll make it happen. That being said, we do urge you to step outside your comfort zone at least a little bit.

What is your retouching policy?

Our main goal is to present you with a collection of images that reflects what you really look like, so editing is quite minimal. The extent of my retouching is making your skin look it's best, but not necessarily in an air-brushed effect. My rule is, if it's something permanent on your body, it stays. I do not take any weight off your body or make you look younger, because the goal with this experience is to accept yourself the way you are.


How far out should I schedule my session?

We suggest scheduling a minimum of 6-8 weeks before you need your order, if you're on a deadline.

What if I'm not a natural in front of the camera?

Without a doubt, this is the #1 concern women have, but truthfully, you are not expected to know what you're doing! We take care of everything: styling, posing, lighting, and making YOU feel like the badass you are. I show you every pose before having you do it, and while that negative voice might pop up from time to time, we should take it as a challenge to prove it wrong.


What do I wear?

Our client wardrobe grows every season, with 200+ items to choose from at the moment. Figuring out what makes you feel confident can be hard to pinpoint, sometimes,  but we're here to help! We provide you with a wardrobe guide that has a variety of tips and you're encouraged to bring pieces of your own. This is where the vision of your shoot really starts to take shape, and we offer our guidance the entire way.


Can I do my own hair & makeup?

All of our sessions include professional hair & makeup with our in-studio stylist who is trained in camera-ready makeup. For this reason, we do not allow our clients to do their own hair and makeup.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Given the intimate nature of our work, mini sessions can make our time together feel rushed. For this reason, we do not offer them.


All of our clients receive the full custom experience.


Let's chat, darling!

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