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A La Carte Investment Guide

After your session, you'll return to the studio about 2 weeks later for your private image reveal and ordering appointment. At this time, you have the option to pre-purchase your order in full or activate a custom pre-payment plan! Otherwise, you may simply pay for your order in full at your ordering appointment. When you choose a pre-purchase option, it allows us to create images with specific products in mind, and ensures top-notch satisfaction! You may conveniently set this up over the phone or in person.

Pre-purchases are not required, however, if you'd like to activate a pre-payment plan and save money with our Goddess Collections, you must do so prior to your session. Payment plans are not offered after your session. If you choose not to activate a pre-payment plan, you will be required to pay in full at your reveal and ordering appointment from this A La Carte Menu.

You will receive our Goddess Collections Guide shortly!

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