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Once your wardrobe selection is narrowed down, you get to sit back and relax for your hair and makeup application! A majority of the time, ladies come in having no idea how they want to be styled, and simply trust in my stylist's professional guidance - which we love! But we equally love when clients come in with a photo to reference, especially if you want something specific. Either way, you are 100% responsible for communicating if you don't like something. If you're not in love with a certain color or style, it can ALWAYS be changed. No one is hurt if you speak up, I promise! What matters is that you're happy and comfortable with the way you look. That being said, it is really important to understand that camera-ready makeup is more intense than your night-out kind of look. It's meant to be bold, kind of like stage makeup, to ensure an even skin tone and enhance your colors. The camera will naturally pick up on texture and wash a lot of shades out!


  • Shades: When it comes to figuring out what shades will best suit you, we always start with your wardrobe selection - both in style and color choices. For example, if your outfits are all in a warm-toned color family [burgundy, champagne, certain shades of green, etc.] then we'll likely recommend a brown smokey eye with pops of copper or gold! The same can be said for a cool-toned wardrobe by complimenting it with dark grays, blues, purples, and silvers.


  • Lips: Choosing a lip color can be a challenge! Maybe you don't really like the way you look with lipstick on, or you're a chapstick junkie all the way. One thing I will suggest is going with a lipstick, even if it's a shade that matches your natural lip color. What this does is define the shape of your lips, and gives your pout a little extra 'umph'.


  • Hairstyles: Most hairstyles tend to remain curled with lots of vixen volume, but in no way do you need to go that route. If you'd prefer a sleek style or chunky braid, we can make it happen! The only requirement is to show up with clean, dry hair. If you have a natural texture to your hair that you'd like to rock, just let me know ahead of time! If you want my advice about any of this, please shoot me a message! I'd be happy to discuss ideas or give you my opinion on a look you may be interested in trying.



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