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Cassie || Forest Muse

Earlier this year I shared an interest in doing no-makeup sessions. Pampering my clients with professional hair & makeup before putting them in front of my camera is, hands down, the most favorite part of the experience for almost every woman who's done a session with me. To even think about offering sessions without this step felt like I would be taking away the most valuable part of my business... and I happily hire a talented makeup artist to do it for me!

I'm ashamed to admit all the conflicted feelings this suddenly brought up for me. I questioned if what I do is even valuable without that 90-minutes of prep time in our salon chair. Is a boudoir shoot still empowering without the big sexy curls and false lashes? Of course it's FUN to decorate ourselves in this way, but is it necessary for the success of my business... am I still able to make an impact?

These thoughts... ugh, they really challenged me this year. So when Cassie reached out about doing a natural session, I literally screamed in excitement! We met up the following week and all of these stunning images just poured out of us. The forest was lush & sunny, the river was cool & refreshing -- and I was reminded of my power to still create and be witness to confidence.


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