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Helena {creative session}

Sometimes a girl just wants a care-free, let's-run-with-it kind of session, and I gotta say, my soul absolutely needed this. Over the winter, my creative energy took a graceless swan dive into a gigantic tub of tapioca pudding (the worst pudding, imho) which left me feeling completely burnt out. That's not to say I didn't fall head over heels for every session I captured, but it's to express how mentally exhausted I'd become. When you're a one-woman-show you get to wear all the hats and juggle all the tasks. Staying consistent on my social media platforms became a huge challenge for me, managing my inbox was a nightmare, networking or attending anything just felt pointless, and my inner hermit shacked up real nicely with my seasonal depression which drove me into a state of total numbness. To be honest, I was living on autopilot, and I needed to drag myself out of it. As much as I talk about empowering other women, I was failing at doing that for myself, so I reached out to my ever-inspiring babe, Helena, and asked her to come over for a shoot. I didn't go into this with any expected outcomes, and yet, it's exactly what I wanted.

So, enjoy!


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