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Helena || Embodied Session

My favorite thing about going into the woods for a session is that it takes me out of the "boudoir" or bedroom setting I've gotten so comfortable shooting in. I feel a very special kind of inspiration beneath a canopy of trees - a grounded & healing energy. Poses become integrated with the tree trunks, grass, dirt, river and ferns. Fresh air fills the lungs and exhales are carried by the wind.

Prior to this session, I wrote down a list of words in my journal...

Rooted, connected, open, vulnerable, therapeutic, natural, flowy, seen, raw, safe, playful movement, emotional, trusting, collaborate, dream-like, moody, dusk/dawn, feminine, magic, witchy, feral, wild, poetic, simple, embodied, secure, surrender, soul-nourished, whole, conscious, loved, accepted, honored, held, free.

I've been meditating on these words ever since.


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