• Meg Marie


Who's ready to perk up? 🙋🏽‍♀️

I am so freakin' squealy to introduce this to you, babes! Not only does it welcome a cushier way to invest in yourself, but it also gives you the chance to choose FAAAH-REE BOUDIE PERKS! Interested in learning more? You got it, darlin'!

Over the last two years I offered post-session payment plans and allowed clients to pay off their luxury purchase for up to 12 months. This made the investment much more digestible, and usually went quite smoothly - but the long waiting period to receive products was a buzzkill for those wanting to receive and show off their images right away. Enter pre-purchases and pre-payment plans: a new spin on an old structure, with an even bigger pay off!!! How does it work? Simple. Select any one of my Goddess Collections and either pre-purchase in full OR activate a pre-payment plan and make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly installments on your luxury purchase prior to your session! BADA-BOOM. And wouldn't you know, there are several advantages to going this route:

We get to create and curate your session with a very specific vision in mind!

For example, let's say you pre-purchase a 10x10 album with a 16x20 metal print, and 20-image digital bundle (aka, The Doyenne Collection) We'll know exactly what to shoot for! I'll get tons of variety for your album, a SLAMMIN' shot to hang above your bed, and gorgeous "social-media-appropriate" images for you to digitally share or use as profile photos!

Those Boudie Perks come out to play!

Whether you pre-purchase in full or activate a pre-payment plan on any one of my four Goddess Collections, you'll get to choose between 1 & 4 Boudie Perks. The number of Boudie Perks that go up for grabs depend on which Goddess Collection you select to purchase! What are Boudie Perks? They're FREE GOODIES that range from session & product add-ons and upgrades to BRAND NEW SESSIONS... lookin' at you, River Sessions 😉Boudie Perks are only eligible with the pre-purchase of any Goddess Collection, and the Goddess Collections Menu will not be available after your session.

It's a way to take ownership of your boudoir experience!

There's a pretty big difference between booking a session, just hoping for the best and figuring out what you want from it after you see your images vs. intentionally booking your session knowing exactly why you're doing it and what you want from it. That's not to say that either option is good or bad, but I can safely say you'll be happy knowing you did this with a clear and powerful purpose!

No waiting game!

If the thought of waiting an entire year to hold your images in your hands makes your eyes roll to the back of your head, don't worry, it's not even an option anymore! All monies are paid up before your session even begins, which means the only requirement at your reveal & ordering appointment is to pick your jaw up off the floor at the end of your slideshow and choose how to fill your products! You may certainly choose to wait until you see your images to place your order, but you will only be able to purchase from the a La Carte Menu at that time. Post-session payment plans are no longer available, and your order must be paid in full at your ordering appointment.

You can always upgrade!

If you're known to have a serious case of decision-overwhelm, but want to take advantage of free Boudie Perks and save some money with a Goddess Collection, my advice it to simply go with the entry-level collection. This will qualify you for at least one Boudie Perk, and give you time to decide on an upgrade if you so choose! The only thing to keep in mind here is that if you choose to upgrade to get more Boudie Perks, you must do so prior to your session. If you pre-purchase or activate a pre-payment plan on the entry-level Goddess Collection and upgrade at your reveal & ordering appointment, you will not be eligible for more Boudie Perks.

You can choose your payment plan time-frame!

If a 12-month payment plan actually sounds like a pretty awesome deal, it's still an option! Just secure your session for a date within the next year, and voilà! This will ensure a lot of time to prep and plan, and who knows what kind of new Boudie Perks might be added to the grab bucket over that timeframe! 😍

At the end of the day, my goal is to make these sessions as accessible as I can for those interested in starting or furthering their self-love journey, while still being able to offer a top-notch experience & high-end products. The success of my business would not be possible without each and every one of my client queens, and I'm so honored to have the trust and support of so many! If you would like to learn more, hit up the consult page and give me a heyHEY!