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Queen Jayme 👑

Everyone meet the stunning Ms. Jayme! This babe chiseled out a day to come see me during her brief visit back to the Midwest, with one goal... to be photographed out in nature. She brought out all the goddess vibes, and slaaaayed every second of her session!!!

What was your biggest fear (if any) before you booked your session?

Really none!  I knew Meg would make me feel right at home. The only fear I had was that the weather was going to rain out our session!

Tell me about where you were in your self-love & body acceptance journey when you booked your session.

Not in the best place!  My body has changed a lot the last year and I needed a confidence boost!

Tell me about how you felt on the morning of your photoshoot!

Excited that the day had finally come!

Tell me about how you felt right after your photoshoot!

Amazing!  Anxious to see my photos... wanted to come back for more!

Tell me about what it was like seeing your images for the first time!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! SO pleased, Meg delivered as always with her creative eye and I feel captured me at my best!

Tell me about your favorite part of the whole experience, and why it was your favorite!

It was so fun to pick through her wardrobe.  To be outside is one of my favorites also, and I loved the property where the photos were take- green and river background.

What did you learn about yourself (if anything) as a result of your boudoir experience?

That I love how rewarding having pictures taken is and I want more!

Do you think you would ever you do a second (or third!) session?


If you were going to recommend Emenee Studios Boudoir to your best friend, what would you tell her?

It’s so fun!  Fun to see yourself through someone else’s eyes and to feel sexy and confident and beautiful!   It's just an all-around confidence boost and makes being a girl even more fun!  Everyone should try boudoir!

Did you have a favorite product?

My river pictures + Megs big flowy skirt

Is there anything you would like to add?

I’ll be back gf. Thx again a million xo!


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