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Women Deserve Wall Space.

That's cussing right. Pardon my aggressive attitude right out the gate, but I've heard it expressed so many times, "I would never hang these photos in my home." The part of me who once thought that myself, understands; maybe you have kids and in-laws, or you get a lot of visitors, or host a lot of gatherings. Then there's the part of me who strives to empower you, because those factors, while valid, are really excuses driven by shame. Without even realizing this, it's actually pretty likely that you don't want your boudoir photos displayed in your home because you're worried about how it will make you look if someone else were to see them. That is 100% normal! Despite having an empowering boudoir experience, many women still tend to assign their images as something that must be kept private. And to that I say...

You deserve wall space.

You deserve to see a glorious portrait of yourself every single day, even if only to serve as a reminder that you embody fearlessness. You deserve to see yourself as more than just a wife, more than just a mother, more than just a home-maker, and more than just your job. You deserve to see yourself as a powerhouse of a woman; someone who values herself, respects herself, and fights for herself, so don't diminish your boudoir photos to a private box that will collect dust under the bed. Display them for yourself, because when you step out into the world, there will be countless adverts trying to sell you on the idea that you aren't enough, and your photos are a reminder that you are.

If you're not quite sure where to show your pretties off, I can help! Remember teenage-you who would decorate your room with collages of you and your friends? How about those celebrity posters you plastered all over your walls? Well, adult-you can invest in a sultry upgrade, starting with the master bedroom. Why hang quotes that say, "Live Laugh Love" when you can display a photo that epitomizes that? Keep it simple with a framed photo on the nightstand, or go big with a 20x30 metal print above the bed! Either way you choose to rock it, you'll have a one-of-a-kind piece that only becomes more valuable to you with time.

Don't stop at the master bedroom, though. You spend a lot of naked time in your master bathroom, so hanging tasteful nudes in there is frankly, nothing that room hasn't already seen! Clever humor aside, this is truly one of the safe havens in your home, so decorate it with things that start your day off right. Dry off after your shower and see a glorious photo of yourself that drips with confidence. Hell, display a print next to your vanity mirror that proves you're more than your reflection. You had boudoir photos taken for a reason, girlfriend, so find a way to be reminded of that reason every day.

My inner Samantha Jones is cheering as I typing this next bit, because if you're a Sex & The City fan, you'll remember the episode where Samantha had professional nudes taken for herself. Back in the 90's, that was thought of as vain and self-indulging, so much so, that her 3 best friends even held their own judgements against her for it (cue eye roll and corny Carrie pun). The reality, though, is that Sam Jones confidently owned her sexuality. I'm not saying you need to build a gallery wall with your boudoir photos in your living room, although, more power to you if you do! But go ahead and request a tasteful portrait of yourself in a gown or with a fashion, editorial feel so you can add it to your collection of art at home. Don't be afraid to treat yourself as art because you are!

At the end of the day, I'm not advocating that you make your home a museum for your boudoir session - though, if you do, I'll be requesting a tour ASAP! But why invest in this experience if you're low-key embarrassed to have the results in your home? Go against the grain and try to find an opportunity to see your favorite photos every day, because they'll sure want to see you!

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