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Let's get down to boudie-business and discuss your style. Whether you like casual comfy t-shirts, thigh-high socks with chunky sweaters or a barely-there bra & panty set, the wardrobe pieces you choose will drive the vibe of your session. "Where should I shop for my wardrobe?" is a very common question, and I'll be giving you a list of places to look, aside from Victoria's Secret Before we get to resources, though, let's start with lingerie styles and how they can enhance your figure. This might seem like an unnecessary thing to cover because we all know what a dang bra is, but it's extremely helpful to know which styles flatter vs. which styles don't. So let's just say it's always better to be pre-pre-pre prepared (we'll be best friends if you know where that reference is from).


Alright, girlfriend, let's shimmy!



  • If you want to show off those hard-earned abs or a little more skin, bra and panty sets are a great option. Things to think about are the style of panty you choose (basically, the amount of coverage) and what type of bra suits you best. I know it's tempting to pull out a bra you might wear every day – but really try to look for something that's a bit more special. Something that is meant to be seen!


  • Perhaps you want to give your girls a little lift. Most women are tempted to go straight for the push-up bra, but resist that urge! Before you try on push-ups, look at a demi cup bra, or underwire bra that offers strong support without adding TOO much lift. This is typically more flattering, proportion wise. Good support is more important than padding any day, and that's not to say there aren’t some good push up bras out there, just be aware of the pros and cons.

  • Tushy: At the end of the day, if a great tush shot is on your list, I recommend bottoms that show just enough, but not too much. I prefer cheeky or Brazilian bottoms over thongs. Many bodysuits are cut in the back to show off some booty.


  • Legs: Look for high cut undies or bodysuits. The higher the leg opening the longer your legs will look! Also, bring a pair of nude colored shoes with you. That will elongate your legs even more.


  • Arms: If you have insecurities about your arms, look for long-sleeved bodysuits or throw a soft kimono over some killer lingerie. Presto- fixo!


  • Coverage: Even though boudoir is about shedding layers, I understand that some women just aren't into that. Here are some tips to cover, boudoir style. If you have insecurities about your stomach, consider shapewear, slips, bustiers, corsets, and high-waisted undies. I cannot express my love for high waisted undies, ENOUGH. A beautiful lace robe over a bra and panty set is a great choice,  as well as a plain white tank top and lace undies!


  • Shoes: Please bring at least one pair of black and/or nude colored heel with you. I have a limited shoe collection at the studio, so please supply at least one pair on your own. No wedges, please. If you want to bring more shoes, fantastic! Just keep in mind, the higher the heel – the better!


  • Jewelry: You may bring any jewelry you want for your session, but I am very picky about it. I can help you choose what looks nice with your outfit and what will flatter depending on the poses that we are going to work with! Jewelry is hardly ever the main focus, and it can sometimes be quite cumbersome to work with during posing. I have a collection of body jewelry at the studio that can be styled with your outfit, as well.

  • Props: I don't encourage the use of props during your boudoir session, as they tend to drag focus away from you and typically end up looking too costume-like. Less is more! If this is a concern for you, please send me a message to discuss! 


  • Colors: Most colors work well in-camera, but some that do not include fluorescent colors and sometimes red and turquoise. If you like red, look for a deeper red or burgundy – just something not too bright. Black is always classic and looks great on everyone. Hot pinks and neon greens are a no-go, and will not be used during your session, as they cast a color shade onto the skin.


* If you order online, please be aware of shipping times. You don't want something showing up the day after you need it, so I recommend planning ahead for this! If you plan to utilize any of the studio's closet, you are required to being one nude and one black thong to wear underneath. If you do not bring this, you will not be permitted to use any studio wardrobe pieces, period.


  • Sports jerseys: If you want to include something sporty, I would recommend a tank or fitted T-shirt with the team logo. Jersey fabric tends to be boxy on any body type.

  • Weapons: I don't allow them on studio property, and they are not to be used as photo props.


  • Oversized men's clothing: The ONLY exception I make here is a men's dress shirt. If you want to go for a jacket or flannel look, I recommend one that fits you. Similarly to a sports jersey, oversized men's clothing tends to be bulky to work with.


  • Outdoor gear: This includes but is not limited to camouflage bibs, fluorescent orange anything, ball caps, helmets. and hobby props.


  • Costumes: You are not a product or character, and I do not photograph themed boudoir sessions unless I'm specifically seeking out a creative styled shoot.​​


* This policy isn't meant to be taken personally, it is simply a branding and vision decision for my studio. If you have questions about any of this, please shoot me a message!

Meg Thue


Emenee Studios Boudoir

(218) 341-2179

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