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Boudie Ass...umptions

A boudoir session can be really intimidating upon first glance, and until you experience one, you likely have no idea about what the heck goes on! So let me shimmy in and break it down a little bit. Below are 6 common things you might be assuming about a boudoir session:

"I probably have to be a self-posing wizard."

... Oh, helllll, no. Think of your session experience as learning how to ride a bike. We'll start with training wheels, some hand-holding, and a lot of encouragement! You'll receive a bunch of helpful information going into your photoshoot, so I wouldn't dare hold your hand through all the preparatory stages and then shove you in front of the camera and expect you to "ride a bike" if you will. I show you every pose before easing you into it, and make proper adjustments the whole time. There's an art to posing, and your cute butt doesn't need to be the artist - that's my job!

"I have to choose and style the perfect wardrobe on my own."

I provide you with a Wardrobe Guide upon booking that goes over lingerie and clothing options, but you are in no way expected to supply your entire session wardrobe. I've built a client closet with a range of beauties to choose from, and one of the first things you get to do when you arrive for your session is browse through everything and try on pieces I've personally set aside for you! The only thing you're absolutely required to bring is proper undergarments to wear underneath studio clothing.

* NEW Boudie Perk: pre-purchase any collection and you could choose to have a personal studio wardrobe fitting prior to your session date!

"My makeup has to be ultra-glam, and I won't look like myself."

Not if glam ain't your jam, girlfriend! Camera-ready makeup is part of the deal, and you can keep it more natural to suit your comfort level. Of course, I always encourage you to step outside your usual day-time look to really amp up your experience - but you'll be asked a series of questions before your makeup application to help my stylist gauge what's best. The main goal is to fuse your entire look together so that your hair and makeup will enhance your outfit selections!

"I have to be in the best shape of my life."

You mean, like, body-shaped?! You're there! Just come ready to embrace the shape you're in, babe. I can't count how many times I've heard, "once I lose this weight, I'll be able to book a session", but all that does is reaffirm a damaging mindset that says your weight controls you. While I'm on the topic of weight loss, let me share a quote I recently read that says, "dieting is an expression of wanting to be accepted and loved." If you feel like you can't possibly love or accept your body until it weighs less, please, please know that having fat does not automatically equal 'unloveable', 'unhealthy' or 'unacceptable'. Above all, it certainly does not mean you're unworthy of celebrating your body just as it is.

"I have to be super comfortable in front of a camera."

Do you want to know a secret? I'm awkward as hell in front of someone else's camera. It may not appear that way if you've come across some of my photos, but it's true. What tips the scale from awkward to WHOA, though, is working with a photographer you're comfortable with. The right one will help you feel relaxed and trust in the process! I never expect anyone to be a natural at this, and I take that into account during the entire process by way of proper education and directing the body, hands, gaze, breath... all of it! So go ahead and be awkward, because I've earned a badge in that, and I'm ready to combat it.

"A boudoir session will fix my horrible body-image."

I saved this one for last because it's a tough one to hear... and that is, a boudoir experience might not make you feel any differently about yourself. Of course, I love the empowering and life-changing aspect of boudoir, but unfortunately, it doesn't automatically melt away years of negative self-talk. So, if your goal is to attain more self love and body acceptance, then YASS, QUEEN! *throws glitter* But if you're rooted in tearing yourself to shreds, and think you'll do so throughout your boudoir experience, then this may not be the right investment for you until you can make a healthier mental shift. You do not have to love your body to do this - but you should be open to accepting it because the truth is, you will hyper-focus on the bits you don't love about your body. That is 100% normal. Just know that my job isn't to wave a magic wand, and *POOF* you're perfected beyond recognition - my goal is to document your beautifully unique spirit. So, if you don't love every single image you see of yourself, that is okay. It doesn't mean the photos are bad, or that you look bad in them, it might just mean you need some time to process what you're looking at, and I support that all the way.

#themoreyouknow : We're only used to seeing our features reflected back to us - and because our reflection is a reversed version of what we look like, it tends to make us feel a tad uncomfortable when we see photos of ourselves. In fact, your iPhone's front-facing camera even captures your mirrored image because Apple knows that's what you're comfortable seeing!


So there you have it! Assumptions and fears are just a part of trying new things - and since boudoir is still relatively new to a lot of women, I'm happy to break down those barriers that might be holding you back from booking yourself a session. So tell me, what assumptions did I miss?


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