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5 Selfish Reasons to do a Boudoir Session.

I see you, girlfriend… trying to work up the courage to book a boudoir session, or contemplating if it’s the right investment for you. But there are so many reasons to do this for yourself, and (spoiler!) not one of them has to do with a gift for your guy. Don’t get me wrong, your partner will certainly count himself lucky to flip through your boudoir album, and take in all your gloriousness, but listen, your guy doesn’t need validation that you still “got it”, nope! If he’s a keeper he already knows. I bet he reminds you all the time, and perhaps it's you who just doesn’t believe it. That’s where I step in. Here are 5 selfish reasons to do a boudoir session.

1. To own your womanhood.

Let’s start with a relatable question: have you ever let comparison convince you that every woman around you has a certain quality or mesmerizing spark that you just lack? How about this: have you ever received a genuine compliment, and your knee-jerk reaction was to roll your eyes? Yeah, here’s the deal with that, you only ever get to see your reflection... that’s it. You, lookin' back at you, seeing your pimples, wrinkles, and scars - hyper focusing on the squishy bits, or the aging bits, which every woman has. But one of the rad things about boudoir photography is how illuminating it is! In fact, for many women it can be an emotional journey, because you're seeing yourself in an intimate way, which is an entirely different perspective than your reflection. So no matter what kind of woman you think you are, you’ll find a new sense of appreciation for yourself through doing a boudoir session. You can trust me on that.

2. To celebrate a milestone.

You just turned 30, or 50, or 70! You finally got that job promotion you worked your ass off for. You earned your master’s degree, or accomplished a marathon! Whatever the cause for celebration is, having professional photos taken to commemorate it is just plain fun! There are endless ways to jump for joy… this one could include jumping on a bed in your underwear! Believe me, you don't have to wait around for an anniversary, or a traditional holiday to celebrate yourself. You're worthy of this all year 'round, baby!

3. You feel like shit.

Hear me out. When you feel defeated and run down, giving yourself a day to just not, can be therapeutic. Honestly, many women have described their boudoir investment as an actual therapy session. Your self-love journey is a hard one to start... it may seem impossible, even! We’re told we’re only five products away from flawless skin, or one fad diet away from the perfectly toned bod, because you need to believe you're not enough just as you, in order for some businesses to survive. You’ll never find a shortage of companies that want to capitalize on your lack of self acceptance. Self improvement is an essential part of life, but it all starts with your internal dialog. Beating yourself up on the way to achieving your goals is exhausting, right? So let’s work on ending that cycle.

4. You’ve been through shit.

You finally left that terrible relationship, or made a really hard decision that you knew in your heart was for the best. There's no denying that life will launch turd sandwiches at you, sometimes, and force you to start over or forge a new path. At the end of the day, the person most deserving of your love and respect is yourself, and that can be a really hard thing for women to navigate, especially those who put themselves last on the priority list. The great news, though, is that self love has a trickle effect and when you focus on being better to yourself, every aspect of your life improves! So give yourself permission to make choices rooted in self-respect.


That's right! If you want to do a boudoir session, then freakin' do it! The only person stopping you is you, so if this experience is on your bucket list, then find a way to make it happen. Whether it’s starting a boudie fund jar, or doing a 5-minute power stance and hitting that booking tab. Shimmy here to take the first step. I'll be right here in your corner, cheering all the cheers and tossing all the glitter!


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