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The Nitty Gritty on a Boudoir Investment

Grab your snack of choice, girlfriend, because I'm about to talk about investing in yo'self. This is, without a doubt, hands down, THE #1 thing that stops women from booking their own boudoir session. That's right, the investment. Whether you can’t possibly imagine spending $$$$ on yourself, or you’d rather put that money towards something else, your excuse is valid. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your hard earned dollars, because you’re a grown woman who can decide that for herself! But I am here to give you an alternate perspective. So if you find yourself saying, "I can't afford it" this is for you.

Let’s say you've had a really shitty day that left you feeling like a pile of well... shit. You know, those days. You get home, stagger to your bedroom preparing for a breakdown, but now, you see a glorious portrait of yourself hanging on the wall. That breakdown still might happen because bad days are inevitable, but you have a visual reminder of how strong and fearless you are staring back at you. This bad day? Yep, you can handle it. The next morning you dust yourself off to begin again. You don’t look in the mirror to examine your insecurities, oh no, you give yourself a knowing nod and say out loud, “I am fucking amazing.” You go out into the world with a radiant and powerful energy, knowing that you are a force to be reckoned with, breakdowns and bad days be damned.

Because here’s the truth: a woman who values herself, will acknowledge her worth, and invest in herself. For you, that might mean spending money on a beautiful wardrobe because certain clothing invokes a happy dance, or a vacation because you need to decompress on a beach with a martini in hand. You might invest in therapy because you know your mental health is important to your overall health, or you fill your home with pretty furniture because that is your haven and it's where you find solitude. Whatever it is, we all have something we invest in because it adds value to our life. Our investments are prioritized by what gives us long term happiness. So then, why does the thought of investing in professional photos of ourselves seem so out of reach? Call me crazy, but purchasing portraits that prove you are a badass woman should be on every babe’s bucket list. If you're stumped on a reason why, you can refer to these 5 Reasons!

There will always be excuses for why a boudoir investment is out of the question for you, which is why I offer payment plan options that make it easier to digest. I go over this in more detail in the product investment guide, so give it a thorough read! Every woman deserves to see herself as strong and fearless, and to have a constant reminder of her own unique beauty.


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